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Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

Radiant cut diamond rings provide a unique style of ring which is a cross between the standard ring cut which is called brilliant cut and the asscher and emerald cut.  The radiant cut is a unique boxy shaped cut which is similar to the emerald cut, but unlike other similar shaped diamonds it has a fiery sparkle.  The shape of a radiant cut diamond ring can be either square or rectangle with buffed corners.  

The most important aspect of the radiant diamond is the length and width.  What you want to look for is a diamond ring that is squarer than rectangular.  In our opinion at Radiant Cut Diamond Rings the number advantage of getting this type of diamond is that it is much more forgiving if the ring has slight flaws.  The emerald cuts and asscher cuts will show more flaws because the sparkle is much less.  Because of the fiery sparkle and unique shape radiant cut diamonds are used for engagement rings.

How to shop for the perfect radiant cut diamond ring?  Like with everything else in life there are many ways to go based on your preferences.  So the criteria depends on if you are a quality buyer a budget buyer. 

For a quality buyer here are the minimum requirement we recommend for radiant cut diamond rings.  You want a cut that is very good.  The color should be G or above.  The quality minimum should be V52., the depth percentage should be 58-69% and the table range 58-69%.

As we all know at this time and age you may have to lower your standards just a bit.  However you don't have to trade much for quality if you are on a budget.  So for the more budget minded shopper in mind you can still get awesome radiant cut diamond rings. Here are the specifications we recommend.  The cut should be good, color should be I or better, clarity of SI2, the depth range should between 56 to 78% and the table at 53-76%.  We don't recommend going below these minimum specifications because you will be compromising the best part of the radiant cut--the beauty.

Right now radiant cut diamond rings have become in fashion and are most often bought for engagement rings.  For a radiant cut diamond ring it needs to have a minimum of a 4 prong setting. 

The problem in shopping for these diamonds is that a local dealer many times does not have a large inventory of these rings that have less than one carat.  It is also very difficult many times to find budget radiant rings online.  So if you are thinking about buying one allow for some time for research or expand into the princess cut and asscher cut.

Radiant cut diamond rings are beautiful cuts which carry many of the best unique characteristics of other cuts. In the last few years the radiant cut has gained alot of popularity and most notably for engagement rings.